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In one of my favorite songs ever, tis the damn season, Taylor Swift wonderfully sang the line “…you can run but only so far…”

I have been running from failure after my first two failed attempts to start a magazine of this magnitude and I gave myself a billion and one reasons not to start again. One of them was failure would always catch up with me; nothing I did would ever be good enough.

However, when I saw the images of the James Webb telescope, it was a reminder of how infinite, hauntingly empty, and gloriously beautiful the universe is. And in this universe, there is me—a mere speck. It got me thinking. Humanity developed a wonder that made us see a galaxy that’s 4.6 billion light years away! Why can’t I, a single, tiny person, pick up my phone to start publishing and writing all over again? The James Webb telescope is a triumph for humanity, what about one for me? I decided to start again and it occurred to me that I would be starting again with experience. Perhaps starting anew would bring me closer to the things that shine the brightest, things I have yet to discover about myself. I hoped it would serve as a kind of James Webb telescope for the readers, enabling them to peer inside and see bits and pieces of themselves in glorious forms. 

And so, Àyànfé Magazine was born! 

Àyànfé Magazine publishes authentic portrayals of Nigerian women to fulfill the purpose of creating a space where Nigerian women are foremost and center; where Nigerian women will always feel seen and beloved; and where the stories of Nigerian women become immortalized: our curiosities,  braveries, faiths, doubts, lessons, desires, miseries, fears, confusions, silences, rage, hatred, love… Our goal is to become the go-to space when Nigerian women need the comfort of familiarity from shared experiences and community. I hope Àyànfé gives you the space to show yourself in all the ways you desire as a Nigerian woman.

And I hope you have glorious moments as a reader. 

Warm regards,

Idayat Jinadu.


Still Curious About Something?

Is there space for men in Àyànfé Magazine?2023-08-25T17:24:14+01:00
No. Àyànfé Magazine is just for us girls.
Can I submit if I’m not a Nigerian woman but African?2023-08-25T17:22:45+01:00

Thank you for showing interest in Àyànfé Magazine! However, we are unable to accept submissions from women who are not Nigerian.

What Can I Submit To Àyànfé?2023-08-25T17:15:09+01:00

We publish human stories by and from Nigerian women. Kind read here for more submission guidelines.

Why Is This Magazine Named Àyànfé?2023-08-25T17:12:37+01:00

Because to be beloved is to be seen. Our goal is to make every Nigerian woman who reads through Àyànfé magazine feel beloved and seen.



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Partnership & Advertising 

Since we started in August 2022, we have had visits from over 5,000 people and views that count above 8,000. Àyànfé Magazine is home. Therefore, we are open to partnerships with businesses and brands that cater to Nigerian women. We don’t mind the shape nor do we mind the size, we are open to doing business with you! We will respond swiftly when you reach out to us here.



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