Rosemary Anieze was born on the 8th of August, 1940 in Zaria city, Kaduna state of Nigeria. She is the first child of her parents, Romanus and Regina Anieze. She is from the Onicha-Olona town in the Aniocha north local government area of Delta state. Her education life took place in Kano. She attended the Ibo Union grammar school and later moved to Louis College, Bompai, Kano state. Like many young Nigerian girls, Rosemary Anieze decided to further her education by studying French at the University of Côte d’Ivoire. After her education, she became the head of the English service in Côte d’Ivoire.

On her return to Nigeria in 1952, she joined the Nigeria Television Broadcasting Corporation (NTA). Rosemary Anieze was the first female TV announcer on NTA. She hosted programs like Saturday Square for youths and also introduced life bands. She then worked as a telephone operator with a company in Ibadan—Post and Telegraphs (P&T). In that era, she also worked as a switchboard operator for Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) in 1959. Rosemary Anieze was an ambitious woman, who also worked as a record librarian—compiling disks—and a duty continuity announcer for a radio and a program presenter.

Her parents later moved to Ibadan, where they resided until the year a miraculous event occurred—according to Rosemary Anieze’s interview on Channels TV during the lockdown in 2020, she referred to it as a miracle.

She mentioned that she never had intentions of going for any pageantry but luckily for her someone entered her name without her knowledge for the girls that were going to go through the first stage of Miss Ibadan. Her parents were strict African parents, she didn’t know how to tell them but she summoned the courage to tell them and she got approval from her dad to contest.

Rosemary Anieze was the youngest contestant out of the 15 girls that participated in the Miss Ibadan title, she victoriously came out as the winner and was crowned Miss Ibadan, thereafter she represented Ibadan in Lagos for the Miss Nigeria pageantry.

The Miss Nigeria pageantry is an annual pageant that is hosted by The Daily Times showcasing the positive attributes of Nigerian women and awarding university scholarships to them. Rosemary Anieze was one of the contestants for the 1960 pageant, she was representing the midwest region of Nigeria.

During this era, Nigeria was still fighting for freedom from the hands of the colonizers, and on the day of the independence, Rosemary Anieze won the pageant and was crowned Miss Independence in 1960. After winning the pageantry she decided to continue her career as a TV presenter.

She was an active voice in the world of entertainment, a diplomat, a fashionista, and a gender activist, and she was featured as a cast member for the village headmaster on NTA. Rosemary Anieze liked to live her life to the fullest. She attended parties in Lagos as the beautiful woman that she was, she had a lot of male suitors, but none got her fancy until she met Mr. Adaon on one of her nights out.

During the 1967 chaos in Nigeria, Rosemary Anieze was in her office when the military came to arrest her because she was related to the then Conrad Dibia Nwawo, they took her in for questioning and refused to release her. But with the help of Mr. Adams and some of his friends, she was released and set free to go.

After that year, she married Mr. Norman Peter Adams in March 1968. This marriage was frowned upon by many family and friends because Mr. Adams was a British man. She was then known as Rosemary Anieze Adams. She later moved to Chad with her husband and immediately started working as a secretary to the British Council in Chad.

After many years of staying in Chad with her family, Rosemary Anieze-Adams returned to Nigeria in 1979. She continued her TV career and also did fundraising presentations for different cultural organizations. In the late 70s, Rosemary Anieze-Adams participated in and anchored television programs that meaningfully engaged young people and women. She later joined the cast of the Adio family with JAB ADU on NTA in 1980.

Rosemary Anieze-Adams who was the only Miss Nigeria winner to have won a car before the Miss Nigeria revival in 1977 likes to interact with people. She speaks all three major Nigerian languages; Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. Currently, she is a grandmother of 7 and as someone who likes to work selflessly, she’s been rendering her services since 2001 at Walmart. And continued to serve humanity with her winning smile and irresistible personality.