I started this week tired. My last exams as a Master’s student started on Monday and the course I took was one that I and a lot of my classmates found challenging because it contained statistics and the majority of us are art students that don’t fare well with calculations and everything that looks like it. So I had started preparing and reading for it 4 days before and because of that, my sleep was sacrificed. But I wrote the exam well! At least, enough not to fail. Since the exam on Monday, I have written one more (on Wednesday) and I believe I did it well too. My next exam is next Monday and I have been trying hard to get into it.

Maybe it’s because of the August weather but I haven’t been getting into a reading mode and it bothers me. Some might argue that this weather is best to enjoy cuddling in the arms of your partner but I think this weather is for malaria. The constant rain is annoying because it is not providing relief, instead everywhere is cold. And it has become unthinkable to wash your clothes and spread them outside in the sun before you go out. A lot of my friends have been feeling feverish too and it’s not a coincidence. It’s all the weather.

Yesterday night, I cooked a meal that didn’t turn out the way I expected and it saddened me because I spent a large chunk from the little that was left in my account on it: I’m currently a victim of capitalism and I deserve justice. I practiced my prose too: I see a bright future for me in that regard but I don’t want to jump recklessly; I want to be fully armored before fighting with my pen; in reality, my computer’s keyboard.

Today has been weird. I woke up from a dream I don’t remember but it didn’t make me feel good and soured my mood. I ate the rest of my food and decided to watch The Thing as I have been seeing it on Reddit for ages. In the middle of it, my friend called and I had fun with her. After the conversation with my friend, I took a walk, got noodles I later didn’t enjoy, came back to my hostel where the water had stopped running for almost 24 hours, ate the noodles, and got back to The Thing and so far, I have enjoyed it. It has gore and gore doesn’t bother me. I listened to Speak Now (Taylor’s version) too – I am in love with Enchanted – and I also heard the glorious news that 1989 (Taylor’s version) is on the way. Yay!

I don’t think tomorrow will be too different from today except that I will be carrying my book to read in the name of the father.

In all, I don’t feel really good. Something I thought would yield joy isn’t seeming that way anymore (another story that will be told.) I’m dehydrated and the pouch of my phone isn’t a fit for my phone anymore, so it has been slipping off: a minor inconvenience that’s grating. I should be fine though.

What about you? How are you?