A few weeks back, I attended a wedding and from its decor, selected event hall, and colorful attire, one could see that it required a long time of planning and a lot of spending as the ceremony was utterly beautiful. Everything was well arranged and there was no collision. And right there on my seat at the wedding, I made a mental note to ensure that the high functionality of the event would be added to my list of ‘how I want my wedding to be.’ 

Weddings in Nigeria are highly anticipated and revered celebrations; beautiful events that are traditionally once in a lifetime, and for this reason, a lot is put in place to ensure perfection and to ensure that it is remarkable. From the amount and number of Asoebi sold to the amount brides invest in their dresses, to the expensive prices that event halls and, in some cases, fields are put up for lease, to the good money lavished on food(my favorite part), souvenirs, decorations, and so many other factors that make an elegant wedding. Weddings are indeed expensive occasions, at least in most cases. But after all that has been put in place for the wedding ceremony, one thing that I discovered and concluded offensive to the point of appalling is the overzealousness of some wedding guests. Take the wedding I attended a few weeks back for example.


Despite my immense affection for the elegance and grandeur of the wedding ceremony, I disliked how disorganized some of the dancing guests, especially the women, were. They danced like they were in the middle of a deliverance session. At first, I thought they were trying out some popular TikTok challenges that called for such a dance but to my chagrin, I didn’t see anyone taking a video of them aside from the paid videographer who had come to cover the event and by virtue simply couldn’t take a video of them.

Right there and then, I decided I would tell my wedding guests beforehand that they are only invited to grace my wedding with their presence and of course their money. I am not inviting them to come and exhibit their self-acclaimed talent in dancing. Even at the venue of my wedding ceremony, I would make sure to tell the master of ceremony to keep on emphasizing to the guests, especially the female ones who are fond of it, to comport themselves. I do not have plans for my wedding yet but I am certain that the above said will be in my plans. So, see you at my forthcoming wedding ceremony.