Iwas never really told to cover up while I grew up, except on Sundays when I was forced to use scarves to church — I dislike scarves to this day. I got used to moving around the house with just panties on. Catching my reflection in mirrors is also one of my favorite things to do and my father would tease me for it. 7 out of 10 times, I would pose in front of any mirror I happened upon and smile at myself prettily. You see, I have always been told that I am beautiful but I had always wondered if they were being polite until the day my cousin explained to me just how beautiful I was, and it stuck. You see, my cousin is not one to mince words, so I know that she wouldn’t tell me that I am beautiful if she didn’t think so.

Since that day, I have felt it too. I saw beauty in everything about me. When kids in school attempted to mock my “big lips”, I rose to my defense swiftly. I told them that my lips were lush and full, which therefore makes them very hot. Maybe it was the confidence with which I defended myself, but they never tried to laugh at my lips again. But then my bum was another matter. They would write a “P” on paper, and then say “what does this look like?”, and they would all chorus my name, as they chortled. My mom would tell me that my bum is proportionate to my body and that it was okay, but once in a while, she’d laugh whenever I shake my butt and say “see your small ynash” and chuckle. So I felt she was probably scamming me. This led me to the decision that I would get a BBL when I was a teenager.

As of now, I am at peace with my body, completely and totally. I find pleasure in looking at myself and there are a myriad of things I like about my parts. And my favorite pastime is staying home in my birthday suit, and just basking in my beauty. I sound quite vain, right? Of course, I am. Well, I am going to describe my body to you, in my own words, and in the way I feel about it.

First of all, I am 5ft 2 and this fact is one of the things I love so well about myself. I feel like a human-sized dollie, and people can carry me very easily, which I like. I think it’s hot, so I love it! And then I enjoy the fact that people find me adorable. I love being adorable; it’s a nice feeling.

Then my hair. I don’t like the texture of it because of how painful it can be to run a comb through it, but I love the fact that it is full and grows very fast. I also enjoy braiding it or adorning a buzz cut. I think I look hot both ways, but with different kinds of allure. The next thing is my face. I love the shape of my face and my head. It is even and round. My eyebrows are very thick and have the propensity to become what I call “George of the Jungle Brows” but they are quite malleable and I like that. I can keep them however I wish, whether full, medium, or thin; I prefer medium. My eyes are a beautiful shade of brown, maybe honey or caramel, I don’t know, but they are beautiful to look at. Then my nose is straight and goes right into my mouth. People have told me that my mouth makes them think of kisses and BJs; make what you want of that. Is it right that it makes me smile?

The sturdy tower encircled by chocolate-colored rings is my neck. My soft, medium-sized breasts with the dusky areola and nipples look so pretty. My pretty belly button goes so deep that I haven’t seen its face in years. And the wide expanse of my Buddha’s belly that I try and fail to muster the discipline to tame. The curve of my back, encompassing my two back rolls, and a slight hunch at the area where my neck connects with my back.

My pert bum with stretch marks a shade lighter than my complexion covering the entire expanse of it. My thighs and legs are smooth like alabaster, with a sprinkling of hair, which always make me feel like a model, whilst I grin at how even my complexion is, even in those areas. My feet, which people always say, look like they never touch the ground. They rarely ever do because I wear flip-flops constantly around the house. And my palms which I’ve been told are very soft, and look delicate, as though I don’t use them at all.

And of course, I saved the best for last; my vagina. I just love my vagina, like it’s my baby. I love to look at it, take care of it, and just pamper it. I love the size of it, I love the shape of it. Just the knowledge that it is there, pleases me immensely.

With the way that I love my body, I simply cannot tolerate a lover who doesn’t adore me completely. One of my resolutions is to be pickier and more particular about the quality of my experiences.

Life is too short for bad sex. Cheers!