After I went through the pain of a heartbreak that left me questioning the validity of love in 2020, I decided to prioritize sex; and it meant pushing emotions to the backseat of what I wanted and could give in relationships. Sex took the front seat.

Then I met Odu. He didn’t appear to be the sort of person that would be open to a sex agreement on the first meeting but it turned out that I judged the book, too hurriedly I might add, by its cover. Odu didn’t fit into my box of speculations because I prefer my men to be brown-skinned; akin to chocolate. There is the height too but Odu appeared to be none of these things. He was light-skinned and a few inches short of being as tall as I preferred. But a fact about him made all of these incompatibilities void: he had a good dick with the appropriate demeanor to match.

We decided to hook up one weekend that met us both idle. I would usually agree to meet him in the evening but the thrilling anticipation of getting the juice out of my body made me decide to meet him in the afternoon instead. Before leaving home, I filled my stomach with hot Afang soup in the hope that it would provide me with the needed energy for the rigorous cardio exercise that awaited me. At the hotel, we masked our desire with flirtatious wine tasting. We pretended to care about the film that was showing. The room service brought condoms and I wondered who told him we might need more than we had. I and Odu had agreed on practicing safe sex but also hit it raw when the moment called for it. Don’t judge me.

Excitement had me in a chokehold at the anticipation of what awaited me. As a Nigerian woman, it might come off weird that I was excited about the act of coitus due to the way we were raised to think that men are the only persons that are supposed to enjoy sex. But I rejected this thought a long while back. There’s every reason to be excited about a pussy tighter than best friends being stretched like a rubber band that binds braids.



Odu complimented me on how hot I looked and said he liked my perky breasts. My decision to not wear any underwear beneath the maxi dress I was in ensured that my breasts were visible enough to be complimented. I was sure when he would see what was beneath the dress; soft breasts that would fit right into his palms and a petite shape, he would be willing to sell his parents’ house just for more. Good sex tickles my fancy, especially with someone new. You get all pumped up from getting multiple orgasms.

I snapped out of my daydream and decided to take control of the situation. I stood up, took bold and purposeful strides toward him while maintaining eye contact, I stretched my hands toward his crotch, held it and looked at him in his eyes, and said;

“What are you waiting for? Fuck me like your life depends on it. Don’t hold back.”

It turned out that was all the motivation he needed because the next thing he did was put his palms on my neck and gently squeezed it. Hell! he could have slammed me against the gate of heaven with the angels watching and I wouldn’t care.

He pinned my hands above my head with his other hand and attacked my neck with kisses. It didn’t take him long to find my sweet spot and sucked on it which made me moan softly. He let go of my hands and I tangled them in his hair while he kissed my lips like he couldn’t get enough, he carried me to the bed which was in the center of the room without breaking the intimacy of our lips, and laid me down. He went on to take my dress off of me. When the dress was off he slowly stood and looked at me from head to toe with a hungry gaze.



He proceeded to remove his clothes. When he became bare before me I couldn’t help but bring my eyes down to his dick: it was just as I wanted it. He leaned down to capture my lips and before long my tongue was held prisoner in his mouth. At the same time, his hands caressed my boobs. He traced my breast with his tongue before licking around my nipple which was hard in anticipation of his touch. He sucked, and softly bit. I was a moaning mess. I sensed his hands moving further down and his mouth followed. He found my clit and turned it into dessert. His fingers found a home in my vagina. He ate and fingered. At the same time. Everything became blurry. I cried. I screamed and came on his face without warning and it didn’t faze him. By then, I needed him deep inside me but I didn’t need to tell him.

I felt his dick in my vaginal opening but he didn’t penetrate as I expected. Instead, he traced his dick around my pussy teasing me and getting groans of protest from me. Then he entered me and without giving me time to adjust to his size, he thrust in and out of me at a pace so fast I was moaning loudly. He rubbed my clit with his hands while caressing my boobs and that’s all it took for me to cum. I screamed and moaned his name. He didn’t let up but instead, he increased his pace and I observed in the pleasure-ridden haze I was in that he was close too. I raised my head and bit his nipples and that was all he needed. Odu pulled out and came on my face and body. The expression on his face as he poured his jizz all over me was the highlight of my day with him.

Good sex only. And it is fine.


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