Lol, reading cheesy novels, talking to good friends, or being in the company of one. Music makes me happy too although my mood determines it, lol. And days when I don’t have to worry about this or that Problem.


Tissue papers. Whenever I see stacks of tissue papers, there’s this joy it brings to my soul.


I like to go and buy things in the cool after the rain. Especially if I get to do imaginary skipping or jumping like I used to when I was 9/10 & in primary 6.


⁩ Playing with my toys and teddy bears. Plus going to parks and riding those crazy roller coasters. It is my dream to visit as many theme parks and water parks as in my lifetime. It only does not bring me joy, it sets my soul on fire. Love it.


When there’s light over here and the white bulb is bright, I’m well-fed (good breakfast especially rice and beans), the fan is whirring and my laptop is having that laptop smell. I feel so happy and calm.


Rain. I love rain. If I was sick and it started raining, I’d feel better. If I can’t sleep and it starts raining, I’ll sleep better. Maybe I’m a water spirit or something or my mother had a water birth because I don’t get it.


Petrichor. I love the smell of rain during the dry season. It makes me happy.


I love the siren that indicates there’s light. I’m always happy the first few minutes Nepa brings the light. I love seeing people in purple too, it doesn’t matter the accessory, if the color is purple, I love it.


Random notes make me happy. I love the intentionality behind them.


Àyànfé cards


Pastries. I don’t know but there’s just something about them that I love. Especially when I pass a shop or I’m reheating them. From the aroma to the presentation. I like seeing them.


Eating suya on the road. First bite of something I cook and it tastes so good that I take the first deep breath. Running to hug my friend and screaming. Somebody touching my hair.


I like seeing pegs on an empty line. It’s little but it gives me joy. Especially when I am removing my clothes and setting them back. I don’t pack my pegs back inside, I leave them there on the line and I don’t mind if they get stolen. I like the smell of raw meat too. I enjoy getting my back scratched.


The smell of sand. A clean space. Good food. Traveling at night with the windows down on a free road. The feeling after you’ve cleaned up and then you shower, change into clean clothes, and lay on a freshly-laid and very smooth bedspread.


Other people’s kindness.


Anticipation of a new show. An expected delivery. The excitement about a new book.


Always knowing I have a movie to watch on my phone at any time. Like I never want to run out of movies. And taking a shower with cold water in the evening.