Content Warning


I drifted far away

detaching my soul away from my body, an empty entity

right after their voices; a mixture of anger

and resentments like acid and razor

went deep into my void sac

leaving behind invisible pores.


I drifted far away

as his punches met her fluffy face

leaving ticks of red behind.

I touched my face, a replica of his

I have always wanted hers.

Sturdy hands met her neck,

suffocating and strangling, giving air no space

as her face contorted and life snuffed.


I drifted far far away

as the woman whose presence I had sighed the sigh of contentment

whose bosom has been my happy place

Is lowered deep down, six feet in a casket

I looked below wondering if serenity would be possible there.


I drifted away

as he tells the tale of lies and deceit

twisting and deforming the truth

to save himself.

And then moving on as though stung

by the bee of amnesia.


I drift away

as the therapist

ask questions, trying to probe into my mind

to find answers that would save me

I don’t know, perhaps from myself.


I stopped drifting

while laying in the pool of my blood

a bloodstained razor blade beside me,

“Just a few minutes mama”, I whispered to nothingness,

and “we will be together.”