Hear ye!

That I have stamped on, above the dust set across my path,

I have shooed away the dust intended to cloud my vision,

And I have dreamt, yearned and lived, lived fully,

I have tackled obstacles and broken barriers.

Let it be known that

I don’t call powerful by its name,

I call powerful by my name.

I flap my wings like a bird whose cage is no home to it.


Tell me, have you seen a creature so tender yet fierce?

Have you seen the beautiful climax of an eclipse?

Have you seen the clarity of day through the lens of a pupil?

Have you watched someone win the way you win?

Woman, mother earth looks up to you

For now, you may sit with a bowed head and teary eyes

But she looks up to you, she’s rooting for you

Raise your head up and show up

Watch her hand you the mic and sway her waist to cheer you


Woman, you are worthy

And your worth is not measured by the crooked spoon someone else holds

Heck! You hold your spoon, you take your strides and you name your worth!

Call powerful by your name!

And rock the universe like a rockstar

With the hundreds of billions of stars that make up the galaxies,

You shine!


Woman, you shine!

I can see it, can’t you see it?

It’s in the light in your eyes, the sway of your hips, the brightness that is your smile.

It is the crown on your head, it’s all of it.

You shine!

Woman, you shine!