Ihave been an avid reader of the Word of God for as long as I can remember and I will always testify that the blessedness that comes from basking in the glory of the Word of God is second to none. I can’t remember the event that led to the moment I read Acts, Chapter 2 again but I can remember the feeling I had afterward.

I yearned to be among like-minded, Holy Spirit-filled individuals like me. I wanted what young believers finding a place wants; a place of fellowshipping with believers. A place to have fun and enjoy the good life without forgetting the joy of salvation or forgetting what our faith stands for. A place to exalt My Daddy. The good Lord saw my desire and led me to Pelumi, who in turn invited me to Believers That Hangout. The name caught my interest because it spoke to my desire to be with my fellow believers in Christ. I could picture the hangout in my mind and I imagined it would be similar to the binge-watched Instagram videos of youths camped around talking about and worshipping Jesus. And maybe a similarity of the goodness that Peter and the other disciples of Christ received as they waited for the resurrection and salvation of Jesus. With my insides filled to the brim with excitement and glorious anticipation, I accepted Pelumi’s invitation.


To call it a wonderful experience will be a gross understatement. It was exhilarating. It was fulfilling. It felt like God laid his glorious hands on everyone in the hangout to make the event phenomenal. Miraculous even. It went beyond sitting, laughing, playing games, and eating food that you paid for, lol. It was the fellowship, the worship, the prayers, the prophecies, the music, the laughter, the rejoicing in the lord, and the calmness. As I soaked in the goodness of the Lord, I was reminded of those in the Upper room in the Book of Acts. It was bliss.

I saw how people who were seeing one another for the first time embraced as if they were family. I saw the joy. I saw how they prayed in unison as families do, how they prayed for another as if it was a best friend that needed something. It was beautiful. Believers That Hangout was glorious in its purpose; the love and light of God that shines in each location. The love and light that is used for each hangout and I believe the residue of each hangout, the touch of the Holy Spirit, is passed down to the next group who uses the place. After all, our God is The God that caters to all.

When the hangout reached the end, I reluctantly prepared to leave. One of the wonderful people I met offered to take me and a few other believers home. I obliged and the drive felt like an extension of the wonder I experienced at the hangout. He indulged us in conversations and even though it was inconvenient to him, he made sure he dropped us at our specific bus stops. Thank you and God bless you.

It’s a few days past the hangout and I can still taste the goodness. To take myself back to the scene, I go back to my book of Acts and revel in the glory of the upper room, and, also, check out the videos and pictures from Instagram.

The next Believers That Hangout needs you, my fellow believer. You need it. You need to feel and know for yourself the preciousness that is in worship with a group of like-minded people.