Dear hurting human,

At some point, you may realize that there are people who are genuinely interested in you. They want to see you grow and they want to help you in the process and as a result, life becomes better with a certain level of peace and serenity that is foreign to you. However, your traumatized self will find it unbelievable. The mere thought of being appreciated and loved for all that you are is such an alien concept to you. And so, you may doubt other people’s good intentions.

You may question their kindness and respect and try to dilute your newfound happiness with memories of the times you meant nothing to anyone; the dark days when sad songs made life more bearable because you realized other people could relate to your pain or at least express a part of it.


Because all this love doesn’t sit well with your history. And I’m not referring to romantic love. I’m talking of wholesome friendships, a loving working environment, and strangers who are kind to you. At some point though, you’ll have to get used to the good life. Because there’s a part of you that believes it’s the manifestation of all your prayers those years when groaning was the only way you could express how you felt.

Accept your new reality. I am not saying you won’t get hurt in the future, because saying the truth, pain is never far away. I am urging you to enjoy the goodness that surrounds you despite all the pain. Get used to it. Be thankful for it. And most importantly, pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

Yours lovingly,

Christiana Ifeoma