Sometime towards the middle of June, I was in bed watching Our Blues when I heard a sound. I paused the drama to listen well and I heard a rat scurrying outside my room. I went back to the drama with the mind that there was no entrance for the rat to come in and I deemed the space between my makeshift wooden wall and the roof too small.

“No way a rat can pass through a space that small”

A short while later, to my astonishment, I heard another noise. I flashed my torch light in the direction of the noise, I saw the rat squeezing itself through the small space and successfully entering my room.

I screamed. And screamed again.

It was very late at night and I was scared. I was also determined that the rat will not spend the night in my room. So I kept shouting and the rat got scared (or not?). I kept shouting and stumping with my door open. At long last, the rat found its way to the door and outside and I locked my door in relief.

Immediately, I set to block the space. I climbed on my box and almost fell but I made sure to stuff a discarded shirt in the space. In the process of climbing, my water poured, my spag scattered like pigeons and everywhere became messy but I didn’t mind the stress of cleaning at 1:00 am because what would have been the bane of my existence, the rat, was gone! Exterminated.

The following morning while preparing for work, something occurred to me. I have spaces in my life too, the perfect entrances for rats and all sorts of vermin. There’s this particular space where I’m letting my ability to conjure greatness as a writer go to waste while doubts creep in. I didn’t like it. I got triggered by an action and decided to stuff a discarded shirt in this space too. Sure, life will get a little messier and it’s okay.

The action birthed this blog, which makes it my third time blogging. The difference is I’m blogging now with support. With the reliable weight of a special kind of confidence in myself and dear friends.

Between the time I deciiided to block the space in my life that’s preventing me from shining and now, change happened. Good change. I will be getting published in a renowned magazine. Yaaaay!

It pays to be intentional about what we want for ourselves. I was intentional about my decision to keep rats away and it started a trial that led to the birth of Àyànfé.

Throughout August on Àyànfé, the theme will be intentionality.

Making the intentional decision to be better at what we do. Making the intentional decision to love and letting our guide down a little bit to be loved back in return. Let August be the month of intentionally blocking spaces that are letting vermin into your life and system. The month of internationally seeking out opportunities and not just waiting for them to come to you on a platter of gold. The month of choosing yourself with intention.

I and Àyànfé’s contributors will put out content that revolves around intentionality and the act of being intentional to act as subtle (or strong) reminders to you on your journey of being intentional.

Stay tuned!